Hanging with Arthur in Belize

Ah, the joys of being a traveler. Early Sunday morning I headed to Orlando airport to catch a flight to Belize. My flight from Orlando to Miami was delayed, causing me to miss my connection by minutes (Let's not discuss the mad dash through Miami airport trying in vain to make it. To anyone I may have inadvertently plowed over, I apologize!)

Annoying, but not a huge deal though. I get re-booked on a later flight. Finally make it to Belize City, but my luggage, well, let's just say that my luggage must have enjoyed Miami because it chose to stay there (that's the second time my luggage has been delayed/lost/misdirected in the past month, if you're keeping track).

The next portion of my journey was to catch a small flight to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. Now these planes are fairly small - they seat maybe 10 people? And thanks to the hideous weather courtesy of tropical storm Arthur, flights were "delayed indefinitely". I'm cool with that. Rather fly safe or not at all.

Eventually flights resumed and I made it over to San Pedro. Next hurdle? A 10 minute boat ride in an itty bitty boat. Fortunately they gave me full rain gear or I would have been even more drenched. My luggage ought to be here tomorrow, which is good, because all the camera gear I lug on board leaves no room for a change of clothes in my carry on.

We're seeing thunder, bucketfuls of rain, and wind - all courtesy of Arthur. I spent the early evening watching Fight Club (shoot, I just broke the first rule) and peering anxiously out the window for a break in the weather so I could try and get some shooting in. I was supposed to stay in the island's overwater bungalow, but they won't let me due to the weather. If it clears enough (fingers crossed!), they'll move me over there tomorrow.