Big Sur Road Trip

Finally! I've been wanting to post this for a while, but have been super slammed with work!

On my way to Kelly & Jon's wedding I flew into San Francisco late Thursday night. I crashed with my friend, Christine, who was attending the wedding and on Friday we met up with two other friends, Megan and Josh, and began what's been dubbed National Lampoon's Wedding Roadtrip/Weekend.

What should have been a 2.5 hour drive to Big Sur took us nearly 4 hours. Not because of traffic mind you, but because of all the random stops we made along the way: gas, Target (Josh needed dress socks), Trader Joe's (Christine needed wine. Ok, I lie. We all needed wine).

But we finally made it and checked into our cabin at the Ripplewood Resort and stashed all our wine in the fridge (ahem, 11 bottles - no, we didn't drink them all!)

We made a fire and we made smores and roasted olives over the campfire (don't ask, I'm not sure how that came about!) and talked late into the night.

Saturday was wedding day, which you've already seen, so I'll fast forward to Sunday. We drove up the PCH on our way back to San Francisco and stopped along the way for some fantastic scenery!

The sand had a cool purple tint due to some mineral (hey, I forgot, it's been a while!)