Wiggle Waggle Walk Photos

Oh my goodness, how much fun was this year's Wiggle Waggle Walk? All the dogs (and one cat!) are so cute it's hard not to put the camera down and just love on them all! There were over 40 fantastic vendors there with everything from organic pet food to dog fashions to a caricature artist! I'm not sure how the judges picked the winners of the costume contest - I never would have been able to choose just one for each category!

Here's a small sampling of images from the day, to see more visit the gallery.

Jenny, the token cat of the day!

Didn't this guy realize he was in Gator country?

This little cutie was "security" at the judge's table!

Even the humans got into the act!

I think that using Jedi mind tricks on the judges gives an unfair advantage in the costume contest! Haha!

The lovely Sassy of Sassy's Pet Paradise.

Busted playing paw-parazzi!

And the actual walk which was kicked off by WFTV Channel 9 / TV 27 meteorologist Tom Terry

Too cute for words!

Yup, his name was Oscar! I love it!

I'm not sure how much money was raised in total - I know one group raised nearly $47,000! - but kudos to all who came out and raised money for such a worthwhile cause!