Australia Part III - Fitzroy Island

Sadly it was time to leave Lizard, which would be my favorite of the tree islands we visited. Random factoid - the Great Barrier Reef has 600+ islands. Which obviously means I need to start planning my next trip!

Lori Barbely travel photographer

We flew from back to Cairns and from there, hopped a ferry to Fitzroy Island, and island which we would sadly be on for less than 24 hours. But we packed a lot in, lemme tell ya!

Lori Barbely travel photographer

The tropics are so... tropical.

First stop? Nudey Beach. Get your mind out of the gutter; it's not a clothing optional beach. It is, however, blessed with great snorkeling. It was here that I was thrilled to see my first - an only - sea turtle on this trip. After stripping off our snorkel suits, we headed to the next logical place - the pool bar!

Lori Barbely travel photographer

After a few sun-soaked hours, I headed off to my room for a shower and a nap. I emerged just in time for sunset, dinner, and drinks. Is my timing impeccible or what?

All too soon it was morning and we ferried back to the mainland and headed to our final destination - Brisbane.