I ate iguana and I liked it*

There, I said it. While traveling in Thailand last month, I spent an afternoon at a village built on stilts. After touring the local school and indulging in a little shopping, I sat down for lunch and was promptly served iguana. And salt water crocodile.

Of course I can't for the life of me remember the names of how they were prepared (they were in Thai, and my Thai consists of "hello" and "thank you") but they were both surprisingly tasty. Now I know what you're thinking: iguana? croc? Texture-wise that must be like chewing on a handbag or, well, a pair of shoes. Not so much. Both were fairly tender with the iguana having the consistency of chicken breast (insert bad "tastes like chicken" joke here) and the croc being only slightly tougher than that.

So 2009 was definitely my year of odd foods: kangaroo, crocodile, and iguana. What's the strangest thing you've eaten?

*with apologies to Katy Perry