Not old, just older

Me at age 4

Another year, another candle on the cake. This past year was one of the most challenging that I've faced, but it was also the most fulfilling. I've pushed myself creatively, physically, and emotionally, testing my limits and coming out stronger, more inspired, and more fulfilled than ever before. I'm super excited about the year ahead (all the years ahead really) and I'm so thankful to have amazing people in my life who inspire me, make me laugh, pick me up when I'm down, get pedicures and eat sopes with me, run Olympic shopping marathons with me, ramble through endless pages (and pages and pages) of emails and late night (and early morning) phone calls with me, come to oddly named happy hours at my request, try to kidnap me to cool places like Africa, mix cocktails in the studio, help me realize my crazy dreams, drink the occasional martini with me, answer business questions for me, and just generally make my life better. If I haven't told you enough, I big puffy heart love each and every one of you! xoxo