Spencer :: Children's portraits in New Jersey

Christine and I took photo classes together in high school. Over the years we've kept in touch via email, Facebook, and our respective blogs. She's a super talented graphic designer by profession and a pretty darn good photographer too! So I was thrilled when our schedules aligned and we were both back in our hometown at the same time and she asked me to do portraits of her son, Spencer. Spencer, who's just shy of his third birthday, is an inquisitive bundle of happiness. We had a blast playing with chalk, bubbles, and on the playground (Don't you miss those old metal slides that would burn your bum and the wooden jungle gyms that invariably gave you splinters? Yeah, not so much.) Here's a little sneak peek into our session!

I'm in NY and NJ every other month or so, so if you're looking to have family portraits or engagement photos done or even need a wedding photographer, drop me a line!