Cuba: Half of My Heart is in Havana

Cuba is one of those places that’s tough to put into words. We all have preconceived notions about Cuba based on the US’s storied history with the island, but part of travel is putting those ideas aside and experiencing a place and its people and learning from them. There is beauty in Cuba, and resilience. Yes, there is struggle and there are numerous challenges, but there is also hope and kindness.

Travel: Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC

The weeks leading up to my DC trip went like this: "the cherry blossoms are going to peak late, no early, no late, no early". In the end, they peaked a bit before I made it to Washington, but they were beautiful and fun to photograph nonetheless! 

I also did several client shoots while I was in DC, so stay tuned for those!

Travel: Charleston, SC

I recently road tripped my way from Orlando all the way up to Washington, DC. It ended up being part work trip, part leisure trip and I stopped in Charleston along the way and enjoyed shooting some images around this new-to-me city!