Shannan and Matt are in lurve! :: Disney engagement photography

October 14, 2008

A happy couple who are very much in love (that’s Shannan and Matt) + a beautiful setting (the Grand Floridian Resort) + (mostly) fantastic weather = a very happy photographer!

I had a blast shooting Shannan & Matt’s engagement session this past weekend. We started at the Grand and wandered over to the Poly while shooting and swapping Disney stories. Here’s a quick sneak peek from their session!

Matt posed an interesting question – can we somehow incorporate the cool skylights at the Grand? It took a little quick thinking on my part, but ask and ye shall receive!

Super cute!

It doesn’t get much more Florida than this! Love this one!

And of course, a little Disney magic!

Thanks you two for a fun shoot!

PS – the Wave was delish! Enjoy it on Wednesday 🙂

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  • Such fun! I recognized that skylight right away! =D You must feel right at home when you shoot there! Love them all.

    (OK, the word verification made me laugh. It’s LORHI.)