Orlando wedding photographer

Meet Photographer Lori Barbely


Simply put, I’m in with love! I love capturing the emotional moments on a wedding day. My wedding photography style is unobtrusive and nothing makes my heart happier than capturing a meaningful moment. As an Orlando wedding photographer, I primarily photograph weddings in Central Florida, but I am a seasoned world traveler and I am available to photograph destination weddings anywhere in the world!

Favorite food: sushi // Favorite animal: cats (big and small!) and giraffes and elephants and sloths and, well, you get the idea!  // Favorite destination: Japan. But also Hawaii.  // Favorite part of the wedding day: the couple's emotions the first time they see each other // Favorite sport: half marathon running // Favorite beverage: Coke (with a splash of rum) // Favorite time of day: sunrise (except for the whole getting up part) // Favorite color: the color of the ocean // Favorite sound: laughter