I don’t just take photos. I turn moments into memories.

And it all starts by making you feel comfortable in front of the camera because that’s where your magic happens. That’s where your story as a couple unfolds as you join together on this journey we call life. My goal is to capture these raw, heartfelt moments — from adoring looks to shared laughter — in the most authentic, natural way possible amid the true-to-life, vibrant colors of a place that invigorates your love. Think classic, not corny. Timeless but on trend. Sweet, not cheesy. In me, you’ll find a seasoned photographer expertly skilled in providing the perfect blend of guidance and observation as we create the heirlooms of the day you said yes or I do.

Before the First Shutter Click

First things first: After you reach out, we’ll connect via email, text, Zoom, in person, or via any mode of communication that works best for you. You’ll share with me the vibe you want to create at your wedding and what’s most important to you. Are getting-ready shots a must? Or would you rather focus more on that magical sparkler exit as you step into your new lives together? These are the kinds of questions that will help me sketch out a timeline for your big day and what package makes the most sense for you. Once you book, I’m yours. We’ll plan your engagement session and start setting the tone for your wedding. I’ll check in regularly (no, not in a mother-in-law kind of way) to make sure you’re comfortable with the decisions we’ve made. Think of me as your wedding wizard who’s ready and willing to share everything from vendor referrals to planning tips and tricks along the way.

All In

Being a bad-ass wedding photographer means wearing many hats and playing multiple roles, and I’m here to support you at every twist and turn as your day unfolds. Sometimes that means stepping in to remove a stain, telling a bad dad joke to break the ice, or giving a pep talk to a flower girl whose shoes are giving her blisters. I’m here to capture the beautiful moments of your day, yes, but know that no matter the obstacle, I’m also your hype girl, your biggest cheerleader, and your go-to stress-reliever who’ll fluff your train or straighten your tie with as much care as I capture the next moment you’ll always remember.

Expert Guidance

I’m a visual storyteller to my core. I’ve traveled the world for national travel and wedding magazines and photographed everything from the well-worn faces of Buddhist monks to overwater bungalows in Tahiti, which just so happen to make the perfect honeymoon destination. I’ve channeled my passion for capturing moments into a wedding and engagement photography business that allows me to combine my love of people, their love of each other, and my penchant for human interaction. 

Cookie Cutters Should Stay at the Bakery

Each couple is different. Every wedding is different. Or at least it should be. You set the tone, and I’ll follow your lead. Through our series of conversations before your big day, I’ll get to know each of you as people and as a couple. I know when to listen and when to speak up, asking the questions that will make the moments you share in front of the camera as effortless and unique as your love for each other. Of course, we’ll get the standard smile-for-the-camera shots, but more importantly, I’ll be tuned into those moments of personal connection — rubbing noses, impromptu whispers, a quick snuggle before heading off to talk to Uncle Harold — that make you the happy couple you are.

No Such Thing as Oversharing

Yes, I’m a photographer, but I’m also a big believer in words. Through honest and open lines of communication, we’ll build the kind of relationship that’s essential for getting the best possible photos of this milestone moment in your lives. I’m kind of a unicorn: a highly creative person who’s also super organized, observant, and detail-obsessed. Throughout our time together, this is my promise to you: prompt, thoughtful, engaged dialogue that puts you at ease and allows you to focus on savoring what’s most important … like each other.

Love is Love is Love

All are welcome in front of my camera no matter their sexual orientation, race, or religion. A fierce advocate for inclusivity and equal rights, I’m a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community and have had the honor to photograph several engagement sessions and wedding ceremonies of couples of all sexes and genders in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. We’ll work together to ensure that you have the joyful celebration of your love that you deserve.

Engagement Photos

From football stadiums to palm-lined beaches, let’s tell the story of your engagement in the place that means the most to you.

Wedding Photos

Sparkly affairs. Garden soirees. Music-themed marvels. No matter what your dream wedding, bringing it to life is what I do.

Proposal Photos

Capture the very moment your hearts smiled so big they almost burst.