Why an Engagement Photo Session is Important

July 23, 2018

In the era of cost-conscious weddings, engagement photo sessions are among the first things to be omitted in favor of savings, but an engagement photos session is important for a number of reasons!


Get comfortable in front of the camera

Not everyone is an Instagram selfie-star and comfortable in from of the camera. Having an engagement photo session allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera and, more specifically, comfortable in front of your wedding photographer’s camera. You’ll get to spend time with your wedding photographer before the big day and find out what it’s like to be the photographic center of attention.

Learn how to pose

Real talk: everyone has angles that are more and less flattering. You can work with your wedding photographer during your engagement photoshoot to learn your angles so that on your wedding day, you and your photographer know your best poses. That knowledge will make portraits on your wedding day flow more smoothly, allowing you to spend more time with your guests!


Time for the two of you

Wedding planning can be crazy amounts of hectic and all the DIYs and decisions can leave you craving some serious couple time. Turn your engagement photo session into some time for the two of you! Get your hair and makeup done, dress to the nines for your shoot and after spending an hour or so with your wedding photographer, go out for a just-the-two-of-you date night, no wedding talk allowed!

Pro portraits where you’re not in wedding attire

Yes you’ll want to adorn your walls with wedding photos, but it’s also nice to have some professional photos of the two of you not in your wedding finery! And since paper is a traditional first-anniversary gift, consider surprising your spouse with a couples photoshoot since photos are printed on paper. Make it a tradition and do a shoot on your anniversary each year for a fun visual history of your life together!


Create Save the Dates

Whether or not you incorporate your wedding date, engagement photos are a great opportunity to create a current image to use for your save the dates and wedding website. Bonus points for incorporating your pets who may or may not be able to attend your ceremony.


It’s just plain fun!

Whether it’s a shared hobby (like a love of film) or a favorite location, it’s just plain fun to incorporate something that’s uniquely the two of you into a photoshoot and the resulting images make great keepsakes (and display pieces at your wedding!)