Alternatives to Sparkler Exits for Your Wedding

June 23, 2021
Can’t Do Sparklers?

Looking for alternatives to sparkler exits for your wedding? I’ve got you covered! Maybe you’ve got your heart set on a sparkler exit (and the cool photos that come with it). Then you find out that your wedding venue doesn’t allow them. Sad face! While sparkler exits are super cool for photos, they also have a high potential to be dangerous to you and to your guests. If your wedding guests have been enjoying open bar all evening, handing them fire sticks isn’t always the best idea! And don’t forget that you’ve got to run through that tunnel of fire sticks. Add to that the possibility of a big dress and potentially a lot of flammable hairspray and well, EEK!

But all is not lost when it comes to epic wedding exit photos—there are plenty of cool options out there and we’re not just talking bubbles! So make your wedding unique and do something other than sparklers! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite alternatives to sparkler exits for your wedding.

What Not to Do

Before we get into unique alternatives to sparkler exits, it’s important to know that most venues do not allow your guests to throw things that need to be swept up. Or, if they do, they may require an extra cleanup fee. Additionally, it’s a bad idea for the environment to throw non-biodegradable things like plastic confetti. The traditional rice toss isn’t a good idea because uncooked rice can be harmful to birds. And really, who wants things thrown at you? I’ve seen guests think it’s funny to pelt the couple with rice and let me tell you, it hurts! Which leads to making unflattering faces in your exit photos and nobody wants that! Lastly, releasing balloons of any type or paper lanterns into the sky is bad for the planet, so please just don’t do it.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are six unique alternatives to sparkler exits for your wedding!

Alternatives to Sparkler ExitsLED Lightup Balloons

When I first saw these light-up balloons at Doug and Andres’ wedding I was obsessed! They’re safer than sparklers and bring a festive and fun glow to your great escape! I love anything sparkly and shiny and light up! Up the wow factor by adding bubbles to your exit along with the balloons. Bubbles are a fun touch that mirror the round shape of the balloons. The balloons aren’t cheap, so if you have a lot of guests you may want to spread them strategically through your exit line. The rest of your guests can blow bubbles so they’re still part of the fun! Disclaimer: As mentioned above, please be a friend to the planet and don’t release any type of balloon into to sky.snowflake-light-wands.pngLED Snowflake Wands

Pricey but perfect, these light-up snowflake wands would be the absolute cutest for a small winter wedding or elopement! I can just hear Elsa singing, “Let them go… on their honeymoon!” as your guests wave these at your send off! Be sure to check all the batteries before your wedding day to make sure they’re working. It’s a little thing, that can prevent a big wedding day disappointment!
Alternatives to Sparkler Exits

Ribbon Wands

Silly string is messy and stains, but colorful ribbons on sticks that your guests can wave wildly are festive and meet most venue policies for non-messy exits! You can buy ribbon wands online or DIY them in your wedding colors with dowels, ribbon, and a hot glue gun! The resulting photos will make you forget the pain of your glue gun burned-finger tips! Amp of the wow factor of your exit by attaching bells at the top of the dowel. Don’t forget that you’re supposed to smooch everytime a bell rings on your wedding day!

Glow Sticks

Throw it back to childhood summer nights and say so long to the party with super affordable colorful glow sticks! If you’ve got the budget, get two per guest so they can wave one in each hand as you make your escape! Go with a rainbow of colors or be selective and choose colors that go with your wedding’s color palette!

dried-flower-petal-confetti.pngDried Flower Petal Confetti

Eco-friendly and adorable!, dried flower petal confetti is a sweet option for your exit but check with your venue first to ensure it’s allowed. Some venues require that anything thrown must be swept up at the end of the event and that’s not something you want to deal with on your wedding night! You may be able to pay an additional clean up fee to have someone else do it, but if you’re on a budget that may not be the best place to spend your cash.


Fiber Optic Wands

Having your guests wave these fiber optic wands is the closest you can probably get to sparklers sans the fire. In other words, they’re probably a safer option if your guests have been enjoying the open bar! Is anyone else getting serious Disney On Ice vibes from these or is it just me? The plain white color pops nicely and fits with any wedding color scheme.

In conclusion, whatever your exit, take your time walking through the crowd created by your guests and soak it in! Stop and kiss, do a dip (practice at home if you’ve never done one before) or a twirl, and enjoy a safe and memorable end to your wedding day!