Meet Lori

From snowmobiling on glaciers to wadi walks with cheetahs to swimming in Mariah Carey’s pool, Orlando wedding photographer Lori Barbely has traveled around the world photographing and writing travel content. She has conceptualized and managed campaigns that led to exponential growth of social channels and co-led several destination photography workshops.

Lori's wedding photography has been honored by Brides Magazine and she loves nothing more than capturing the emotional moments and delicious details that are part of a wedding day. You can typically find her photographing weddings in Orlando and Central Florida, but she's available to photograph destination weddings anywhere in the world!

Favorite food: sushi // Favorite animal: cats // Favorite destination: Japan // Favorite part of the wedding day: the couple's emotions the first time they see each other // Favorite sport: marathon running // Favorite beverage: Coke (with a splash of rum) // Favorite time of day: sunrise // Favorite color: the color of the ocean // Favorite sound: laughter