Daniel + Nia’s Helicopter Marriage Proposal in Orlando, Florida

September 8, 2021

Daniel “I want to do a Helicopter Marriage Proposal.”

Me (with my jaw on the floor) “Sign me up!”

Daniel and Nia were coming to Orlando for a friend’s baby shower when Daniel got the idea to propose during their trip. Originally we talked about a rooftop proposal, but there were logistical challenges since he was planning at the last minute.

Then Daniel got the ideal to do a helicopter marriage proposal from Youtube. He would propose in front of a helicopter and have Nia do a spinning petal toss for the surprise element. #NailedIt

Nia is a tough customer when it comes to surprises. She absolutely hates them! Daniel told her some vague details about a photo shoot, but nothing else. You could see Nia’s confusion when the pair arrived at MaxFlight helicopters, but she gamely went along with it.

With Daniel in position, Nia spun around and tossed the petals in the air. At that point she saw Daniel down on one knee and to say that she was surprised might be the understatement of the year!

Thank you to the team at MaxFlight Helicopters for helping create this magical moment!