Anyssa + Alex’s Wall-E-themed Orlando Marriage Proposal

October 4, 2021
Orlando Marriage Proposal

The Planning

When Anyssa told me she wanted to do a Wall-E themed surprise Orlando marriage proposal, I may have squealed a little bit! Anyssa and Alex were planning a trip to Disney World, staying at the Saratoga Springs Resort, and Anyssa wanted to pop the question at the resort while they were here.

As planning for the surprise proposal progressed, Anyssa had an artist custom paint a pair of Vans with characters from the Disney movie Wall-E and the words “Marry Me?” on the heels. Because she and Alex were traveling together, Anyssa shipped the shoes (along with “I asked” and “I said yes” t-shirts) directly to me so that I could set them up for the proposal.

The Plot Twist

Everything was set, but then there was a plot twist. I got a phone call from Anyssa’s mom. Anyssa had mentioned that originally her family was going to join them on the Disney trip, but were unable to due to work. Things changed and Anyssa’s parents were now coming to Disney and wanted to surprise the couple moments after the proposal. It was a double surprise and quite possibly the most complex Orlando marriage proposal I’ve ever planned!

On my way to set to capture the magical moment at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort, I picked up two of Disney’s Happily Ever After buttons for the couple to wear during the rest of their trip. I then met with Anyssa’s mom and we found a spot where she and Anyssa’s dad couple watch the proposal and then surprise Anyssa and Alex.

The Happily Ever After

All of the pieces fell into place (and I managed not to spoil either of the suprises) and Anyssa and Alex “stumbled upon” the custom painted shoes that said “Marry Me”. Anyssa dropped to one knee and of course Alex said yes! Moments later, Anyssa’s parents appeared and there were joyful tears all around!

I’m so honored to have been part of such a magical moment. Congrats Anyssa and Alex!