Jayda and Ray’s Leu Gardens Marriage Proposal

September 30, 2021
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Being an Orlando proposal photographer is lot of planning and after that, a whole lot of lurking in the bushes waiting for the couple to arrive. It was a beautiful Florida day as I lurked around the gazebo of Orlando’s Leu Gardens under the pretense of taking flower photos. (Sidenote: how perfect would this gazebo be for a wedding?) Jayda texted me that she and Ray had just entered the gardens and were en route to my location.

As the couple walked up, I was intently “photographing” a plant that gave me a good view of the pathway they’d be coming up. Jayda and Ray headed into the gazebo and Jayda suggested they take a selfie, proping her phone up on one of the benches inside the gazebo. In reality, she was capturing video of the suprise marriage proposal that was about to happen! The pair moved to the center of the gazebo and after that I moved into position to capture my shot as the couple chatted with each other.

The Big Moment

Jayda snuck the ring out of her pocket, got down on one knee, and, well, you know the rest! Ray said YES! I captured more photos as the couple soaked in the moment and eventually made my presence known. And that, my friends, is just another day in the life of an Orlando proposal photographer!