What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

One of the most common questions I get asked when scheduling an engagement photo shoot is "What should I wear for my engagement photos?"

You want your outfit to be something you feel good in. If you don’t feel comfortable and are constantly tugging at or fidgeting with your clothes, it’ll make the experience less enjoyable for you and that could show in your photos.

Whatever you wear should be well-fitting, clean, and wrinkle-free. Dress for your body; if you love your legs, show them off! If you’re not a fan of your arms, avoid a sleeveless outfit. Cute dresses are always a good choice. Bonus points for pockets (#teampockets) since they give you something to do with your hands or dresses with movement since twirling shots are So. Much. Fun.

Check out the adorable engagement dresses below and let me know if you have any questions when we plan your engagement photo session!

Engagement Dresses For Her



Polka Dot Dress | Black Heels

Let’s talk #twinning. It’s a don’t. You want what you’re wearing to compliment each other’s outfit, but not be matchy-matchy. That doesn’t mean you need to wear the same color, but stick to the same color family. Pick a palette  - warm colors or cool - and stay in that family. One last tip: if you’re wearing a pattern, he shouldn’t be. And vice versa.

Engagement Dress For Men